Eco  Products 100% Natural and Organic
Eco Products

Eco Products

The Eco Products available from Floatographers, is a collection of all natural, non toxic and effective products.

Our Goal

Floatographers is dedicated to providing practical alternatives to chemical based products in order to provide a safe, and enjoyable living space.

Cleaning Products

Pink Solution, Mothers Choice, and the Laundry Bar are proven to be extremely effective and safe alternatives for all your cleaning needs. The recently added Bug-Tek line of products have been getting rave reviews from our customers!! We have been using the Bug-Tek insecticide for a few years now with GREAT success!! All of these products can be used around the home, car, boat, motorcycle or RV's.

Organic Products

These products are non-chemical, safe and effective products that you can use to minimize the amount of potentially dangerous chemicals, and the many unanswered questions they bring in your daily life. Many products we carry are least toxic, in demand, and used throughout the world.