Cottage life is one of the most precious activities of our lives. The sights, the smells, and especially the memories are forever preserved in our minds.

We know exactly how you feel, and we can offer you a unique view of your property that will spark those memories and let you share them with everyone you know. Hang one of our high resolution pictures over your fireplace to brighten up a rainy day, or keep one in your home, or office to coax you through the rest of the week. A copy on your desk will help convince the boss that you really need to leave early on Friday to beat the traffic!!

We provide low altitude (less than 500ft.) photographs of your cottage, boat, marina, or anything else that you like. We use a variety of methods to raise the camera above the subject to take the shot, but we usually deploy a helium filled blimp. We can, however, utilize retractable poles, kites, or even a radio controlled helicoptor to get that perfect shot.

If you've received one of our flyers, then we've already taken a picture for you. Enter the unique 10 digit id number (in red) from the flyer into the field below to see the image(s).

You can also search our databases to see if we have already taken images of your property by selecting tha name of your lake from the list below: