How we do it

We travel from lake to lake aboard a 20 ft. pontoon boat that has been custom tailored to our needs. Our office is located on Hatadoit, which is a 1969, 41 ft. Hatteras Motor Yacht.

We typically tether a 15 ft. long, 7ft diameter helium blimp to the boat to carry the camera equipment and the associated electronics. The blimp is capable of flying between 10 and 300ft in the air which provides us with a silent, and versatile platform.

We can also use a 55 ft. retractable pole to loft the camera in poor weather conditions or in areas where the blimp is not feasible. The pole is constructed of EMT and is raised/lowered by a hand winch and stainless steel cables

The camera is an 8 megapixel digital Canon PRO1, and we use a custom mount with rc servos to control the pan and tilt. There is a digital wireless downlink to send the image to the operator station with a 7 in. lcd display that allows us (or you) to frame the shot for maximum effect.